August 2015, Piotr & Aga

People always think that the wedding is the biggest thing to organise but hey…the choice of guest decided how much there will be to organise around the big Day.

Here we had a Polish German wedding ( which already ment that we had to combine both country traditions, expectations and types of partying) but also guest coming from germany(easy), Poland ( transportation and hotels had to be organised), Italy ( it was a big project to get all answers, confirmations and dietry requirements ON TIME) and turkey (difficult to make sure they stick to the invitaions as when two were invited the whole family came → means we needed lot of back up food, seating plan changes etc).

80 guests, organisation like for 200 but the result: an absolute exotic multi cultural wedding that went until 5am…. as I was told 🙂   Little wedding planners dont last that long *smile