August 2016, Celi + Mark

A Bride shows me their Pinterest page and she wants a floral look that is way way outside her budget or draping that is simply not not doable at her venue.

A big part of my job is trying to achieve the vision she is inspired on by Pinterest within budgetary constraints and logistical restrictions.

But Bride Celina made me speechless 🙂
She showed me her green Midsummernights`s dream on Pinterest which was too much.
When she realised its too expensive she tiped in ” Green decorations vintage DIY” and smiled at me 🙂
So from now on I was not only weddingplaner but also glue-, cut- and paintingpartner 🙂

We did not only become DIY Partners with a lot of cookies for calming down but also friends with a wonderful green Midsummernight`s dream wedding !

Simply WooooooW

Enjoy your time without to-do lists *kisses