June 2016, Andy & Basia


A very posh and elegant wedding! A master piece and mammut project regarding details and planning:-)

A lovely old castle in England, Guest arriving from 5 different countries ( means jobs had to be done in english, polish, german and irish(lol)) which was not only a big job regarding the wedding itself but also a lot of Plan B, C, D ,E → due to the british weather and million transportations for guests.

In the end the weather was stunning, the party simply WoW and the location stunning. The couple could enjoy their biggest day with a massive smile on their faces 🙂 All went good (for the eyes of the couple 🙂 → we had a lot of little things to deal with and change, rearrange, make better etc… so as always ! Stress behind the scenes to make the on scene relaxed lol

Angels are very happy for the newlyweds and the Fairytale wedding mission!