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Let’s plan your wedding as unique as a Haute Couture dress :-)

Your wedding planner

I imagine you are now purely happy and excited for the big romantic event and exactly like this should your feelings remain up until the wedding and beyond!

A wedding is an big event with a lot of services, that you need to find, book and organise. With many friends and family attending and a co-ordination of lots of details, time plannings, decorations, budgeting, choosing of a DJ and more. All that can easily destory your mood and create a lot of stress.

That’s why we have our Wedding Angels. My wedding angel team is here to advise, help and support you whilst reducing all your stress and allowing you to just ENJOY THE MOMENT! We LOVE creating perfect weddings for our couples. We know the secrets of the industry that will get you the best deals and the best experience.

Is a Weding planner needed? YES! For the simple reason that you can start enjoying instead of stressing yourself. Looking forward to your amazing event without big stress. Allowing you to plan and organise the jobs that you WANT to do rather than the jobs you MUST do from the “1 million and 1 things-to-do” job list.

You tell us what you want, how you want it and your budget – and we start the work on your perfect, magical and unique wedding.

A happy couple - stress free!

We will check stores, organise things, compare prices, check out venues and more – allowing you to only having to go to the places that we have pre-sorted for you and which match your criteria, desires and budget. This not only saves you time but also saves you the stress and disappointment of viewings (many venues which look promising on photos are in reality smaller or totally different than expected)

We have a variety of different Wedding Planner packages available for you to choose, which will cater for both: the smaller and larger budgets. These packages are not set in stone and we can create you a bespoke offer if you wish to mix. Check it out on our packages page.

A happy couple - stress free!

Sounds good? How to start:

On the most important day of your life the chemistry should be right.

Therefore, I invite you to a first non-binding and free conversation in which I present our way of working and where we have the opportunity to get to know each other and find out what you dream of. Many wedding planners will already charge you for the first consultation but WE DON’T! Why? Because we believe in our service and what we do.

So what happens after you choose us?

After we have had our first free meeting (and if you choose to take an Angel) we will send you your your individual offer, based on your needs and desires.

How much of the wedding planning we do, will depend on the package(s) you wish to choose – maybe we will do all of your wedding, maybe just advising in advance or even just on the day. In any case we are happy if we can help to make your day as special and wonderful as you deserve.

Speak soon!

Just write to one of our angels and we will get back to you as quick a possible.

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