What does a wedding planner do?

To give you an insight into our job..

Your wedding planner

Advice and Guidance

If you’re on a budget (and hey, who isn’t?) but you still need some advice and suggestions for your big day that hourly package is a great option. We can meet at a place of your choosing and go over any questions you may have, all for an hourly fee. Whether its decor ideas, timeline creation or vendor suggestions, hourly consulting is a budget friendly way to connect with a wedding planning expert! We discuss with you what you want and whether its realistic with your buduget expectation or not. Give you advice what to do and where its not needed to spend money. Give you useful contacts ( Shops, Artists, Free Ceremony people, Photographers, Make Up & Hai, Decorations, Locations) with cheaper conditions and amazing places that you would not find yourself. And we will always be there for you with advice.

Wedding Planning

You tell us what you want, how and the budget and we start working. We check the stores , sort things out, compare prices and places and you will then only need to go to places and look at things which we already find, that match your prices and ideas. It saves you time, stress and dissapointment. You get better prices as via us ( as we have more discounts than you as a neutral couple) and we know where you get good value for your money. You have an angel you can talk and cry to so your Bridemaids can enjoy you as a friend and not a Bridezilla. We do it all ! Only the planning and searching or even plus joining you on a dress trial or take you to poland for cheaper products ( Rings – its the country with own silver mines so products are high quality but cheaper, Wedding dresses etc ). No stress but a nice wedding adventure and amazing party to come.

Only On The Day

You want to be in charge of the planning and do all yourself! Cool! We give you advice and work for you on the wedding day! Managing the Wedding Ceremony and Reception coordination and a Wedding Rehearsal if needed.) THAT day you have to stop planning and give the charge to someone else. We will know HOW you want it (even how the decoration is meant to lay on the table) and take care of it.

You should NOT worry if the decoration is right, IF guests will be there on time and find their way, what happens if rain comes and you wanted to have your ceremony outside, IF everybody is in position so you can have the amazing bridal entrance.
That is our job. All the stress and coordination will be our. Not as glamourouse with a headset and gucci dress as J LO but equally efficient (the dress will come one day!!!)

On that day you relax and we take over and make sure all is how you wanted and the event runs fluent. Once the party starts we let you enjoy and spread our wings and fly away.

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